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About Mrs Ogunlesi a.k.a Mrs O

Mrs O is the Owner and Founder of Ruff and Tumble Kids Store situated at 7, Isaac John Street Gra Ikeja, Lagos. She never finished her first degree, dropped out of Law to follow her passion for Fashion while learning most of what she knows about sewing from her mother. She never being schooled in fashion and 100% self taught from reading books and buying clothes, ripping them apart and figuring it out.

She is such an amazing woman who has grit, passion, resilience and a good spirit.

Last months  TFD edition was about fashion and how to scale up your business, in as much as I am not fully into the fashion industry I couldn’t pass an opportunity to learn from an amazing woman and also meet with aspiring entrepreneurs- after all your network is your net worth.

Below are the words of wisdom from Mrs O.


Walk with your eyes wide open and not wide shut.

She talked about how clarity of mind + clarity of purpose produces Opportunity

Finding out what you want helps you to know the truth.

Always seek to consistently add value where ever you are.

Make your choices- YOUR choices

You must develop the discipline-

To study

To learn

To teach

and to find the true essence of who you are.

You also have to find out how to spread your energy across all areas such as family and career.

You have to understand how your family thinks and appeal to what is important to them.

Life is 20% skill and 80 % attitude.

Having all the skills and the wrong attitude cannot lead to success.

~~As a business owner, you have to ensure no one on your team is indispensable- invest, train, teach the people who work for you then they would build your business.

See every opportunity as an avenue to grow, learn and network with others.

Strive to achieve work-life integration.

Your Staff is your competitive advantage in business.

Connect with your sphere of influence.mrs o (1)

~~As a wife and mother, your DNA must be stamped in your home.

Learn not to judge others.

Always insist on excellency

Ensure your work is at par with international standards

Keep these values close to you- Perseverance, Intention, Discipline, Clarity of Purpose, Flexibility, Excellence, Commitment and Being Deliberate.

Know what you want, write it down and just begin.

Your word must be your bond

Ensure you set up structures, have job descriptions and the urgency to accomplish.

Be aware of your environment and take into cognisance whatever is going on in your environment

Focus on what is more important

Decide what is more important at different stages of your life and make it work!

You must explode for the right reasons

~~Your brand

Have a personal brand

Your brand attracts a profile

I will be faithful, loyal and honest (make it a watch word)

Get feedback from your customers

Create some levels of engagement across all your business marketing platformsnex

Be a Proverbs 31 woman

Learn to know the man you are married to.

Understand what is driving you to accomplish?

Learn how to negotiate.

Have the courage to walk away from anything that isn’t you.

Keep your books well

Money is a tool and the least of your worries.

Have the basic skill set required to manage your money

If you want to be great who have to do what great people do.

Be damn good at what you do

I will be sharing short videos and a recap of all I learnt on my Instagram page this week. Follow me on Instagram @FunmiKehindeNG

Recommended books to read by Mrs O

  1. Good to Great by Jim Collins
  2. Gorilla Marketing
  3. Unleash the Giant Within by Antony Robbins

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