Why You Should Join LinkedIn in 2018

LinkedIn is a powerful tool when used properly during your job search. It allows you search for jobs you love, make real connections with like-minded people like yourself, join valuable groups, and also publish great content.

  1. There Are Over A Million People To Connect With.

The way LinkedIn is set up, you have millions of people ranging from people from college, work, or people in your field. You can start from building your network from the ground up, one connection at a time. The more connections you make the larger your network. You could have as much as 50,000 connections which is 10 times more than Facebook connections and also very valuable to your career path.


  1. Your Next Job Is on LinkedIn

Almost every recruiter is on LinkedIn looking for the next talent to headhunt for an organization. Without a doubt, LinkedIn has well over 1,000 jobs in various industries and countries which requires your skill set to fill. The job you want is being advertised on LinkedIn either by a recruiting company or the HR manager of the organization so hence why you should be on this platform selling your skills and experience.


  1. Your New Boss Is On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is filled with decision makers in various organizations, such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Departments and Hiring Managers. One or all of these people are your new boss and they are very active on Linkedln. The funniest thing is that your next boss is probably on LinkedIn building his connections, looking for sales opportunities and obviously growing his brand.

While LinkedIn connects you with your new boss- via your connections- your profile is the major thing that would set you apart from every other connection he has.

Your ability to sell your skills and experiences would help him easily identify you as his new recruit for that big project is about to embark on.


  1. It Is Very Structured

Your LinkedIn profile is very extensive, with many questions to fill out to make your profile complete. For someone getting ready to/ just starting their career, it is very a very helpful medium to get your first CV done by including all the skills gained, courses you have taken and leadership positions held while at school. You also get the opportunity to download your profile as CV which you can easily send to recruiters for while applying for open roles in any organization.


  1. You Can Tell When  People ’ve Looked At Your Profile

In today’s digital world, it has become really easy to connect with the people you want. LinkedIn gives you the options when it comes to networking to see who has viewed your profile and where they work.

For instance, after purchasing the LinkedIn Makeover Profile course, your ideal boss checks your profile, LinkedIn immediately notifies you that your profile has been checked by him/her and also gives you the option to connect with the person or send a message.

In this scenario, you should send a simple connection request including a brief introduction immediately to open up lines of communication. After the request has been accepted, you can send a short message that includes your skills set, works done and how you can add value to the organization.

This step if taken shows you are proactive and know what you want.

So if your new boss and your next job are on LinkedIn then why aren’t you?

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