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Why Linkedin isn’t working for you.

1. You have ‘unemployed’ or ‘looking for job’ as your headline
While it is true that you are currently looking for a job, including this as your professional headline is not going to work in your favor.
The secret to being discovered on LinkedIn is prioritizing on keywords, meaning that you have to include your area of study.
If an employer is looking to hire in Project Management for instance, they are probably going to search “Project Managers on LinkedIn Nigeria”, leaving you out in the search. No one is ever going to search ‘unemployed Nigerians on LinkedIn’, so you must be creative.
Say something like, Project Managers seeking Procurement opportunities in Tech industry”.
Getting a job through LinkedIn is becoming popular across top companies and all industries with some even requesting that you apply with your LinkedIn profile only. Be smart about it and you’ll make it just fine.

2. You don’t engage with your networks

LinkedIn was created as a means for professionals to create networks online.
If we are being honest, a majority of us including me don’t really attend networking events. Maybe we think is not necessary or that we don’t have the time to spare. In that case, we have to find ways of bringing these networks close.
It’s where LinkedIn comes in. The networks you create on LinkedIn can act just like the ones you meet at events. And just like when you are at an event, the only way someone can acknowledge your presence is if they know you exist.
Don’t be the kind of person who just keeps following people but then never takes it to the next level.
So next time you add someone on LinkedIn, have a goal and determine how this person can help you in your career. You don’t have to be creepy but just a simple message introducing yourself and what you are looking for will go a long way.

3. You are not connected to recruiters
Ever heard the saying that you get what you look for?
Well, think about this; you are looking for a job but instead of connecting with the people who can actually give you a job, you are busy sending generic CVs to all companies you think you can work for.
“There are times when I will have a position I need to close for a client but I am not getting the right CVs. When that happens, I will go LinkedIn to look for the CVs I need. A lot of the time, this pays off rather than wait for someone to apply

4. You are leaving out the summary section
One of the most difficult or presumed to be difficult sections of a LinkedIn profile is the summary section.
This is because it demands that you describe yourself to anyone coming to your profile, and since you want to pass the best information, it gets even more difficult.
And just like the profile summary in a CV, it can be difficult but it is necessary. Take time to structure a great summary that sells you perfectly.

5. You are using the default connection request
Connection request on LinkedIn is a great way to introduce yourself to people in your industry and create networks. Using the default connection message not only shows a lack of creativity but it also doesn’t set you apart from the rest of the crowd.
Imagine sending an employer the normal connection message and someone else sending a personalized message, the employer is likely to remember the one with the personalized message as opposed to the one with the default one.
The whole point of LinkedIn is to stand out in order to get jobs. Therefore, before sending a connection request it is important that you personalize it.

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