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What are you bringing to the table?



What are you bringing to the table? Yes! YOU! This is a question that always tugs at my heart when I hear people say things like “I need a job” or I want to change my job. 

I am very quick to ask (in my heart) what are you bringing to the table, now don’t get me wrong, Brining something to the table does not involve going to a house party with a bottle of an expensive wine or a box of chocolates.

What are you bringing to the table means what value are you adding to the organization or the department you dream of being a part of? What are the skills that set you apart from the pack?

Now let me add that you might have amazing skills and have gathered a lot of work experience and still would not utilize these skills at your job, this might probably be because your job is a routine job- such roles could include Administration or Customer Service. An example is a talented web designer who takes a customer service role to make ends meet. In this role, his/her talent and skills are slowly been killed because a customer service role never require Photoshop, HTML 5 or CSS skills.

You might be a similar situation with the web site guy and you think you are stuck, well you aren’t stuck if you decide to take the step required to move you from job you do to the job you want.

So back to my question, what are you brining to the table?  What experiences have you acquired that can make you succeed at your job. If you  still haven’t answered the question by now- then you need to click Here.

And if you have answers to my question then drop them in the comment below, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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