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Unhappily Employed III

Tola just completed her National Youth Service as a Teacher at a primary School at Kogi state after graduating with a first class degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Benin and was really excited about her future until she saw her NYSC post as a Teacher in Kogi!

It has been one year of learning and unlearning so far she has made use of it to the best of her ability. A few days before the end of her NYSC she called her Uncle to tell him of her plans to relocate to Lagos to find a job as an Engineer, of course, her Uncle is well connected and that should not be a problem for him. Uncle Laja used to work in Shell and knows several people in the industry Tola is interested in working in, it shouldn’t be rock science to help Tola with a job.

Tola is very optimistic about coming to Lagos, she arrives a few days after her NYSC and goes to visit dearest Uncle Laja. Unfortunately, her visit is laced with disappointments as Uncle Laja does not have a job for her, according to Uncle, most of her connections want someone with at least 5 years of work experience in the industry and even with certain certifications so they can tend these qualifications when applying for bids and proposals. Tola is disappointed, and goes back home with a heavy heart asking herself “What would I do now”? Her only hope in her Uncle is lost, without much experience in the industry, Tola decides to go online and applies for volunteering roles online, and also signs up for some courses on soft skills which can help him improve her employability level.

In the next three months, Tola lands a role as an Assistant Class teacher in a nearby school, the pay is nothing to write home about but at least it keeps body and soul together. Tola is still unhappy, her dream of becoming an Engineer is slowly becoming very mirage. What steps would advise Tola to take in making her dream come true?

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