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Unhappily Employed II

Tunde has been working as a Banker at one of the top Nigerian banks for the past four years, he enjoys his job and has been awarded the best staff of the month on several occasions. Even his boss boasts of him in almost every Monday meeting saying Tunde pays many of his colleague’s salary via his heavy sales portfolio of high net worth clients. Tunde is very good at what he does and everyone at the head office of his bank knows it.
Unfortunately, for the past two years, Tunde has been going to work just for the sake of making ends meet, his heart, soul and spirit is no longer in his job. Each day is another day to show up, close a deal and receive the usual accolades from his boss.

However, the accolades and pay raise does not give him any form of satisfaction or fulfilment anymore, he wants out of banking but it is too risky for now, with two kids aged 3 and 7 and a wife to carter to, his decisions must be weighed heavily. Banking no longer makes him happy, he needs something more to fill the gap he feels inside of him and also something that would pay the bills while making him feel fulfilled.

He had always loved social work, even back in university days he did a lot of volunteering at orphanages’, could social work be what would make him feel more fulfilled in life? All his life he has always wanted to help people by giving back. It’s been 4 years in banking and now seems like the right time to make this move more than ever.
If only he could get someone to guide him, Tunde takes to Linkedln to carry out a search for a Career Coach. Someone who can guide him as he transitions career paths. He finds Funmilola Kehinde on Linkedln and sends her a message and the rest, as they say, is history…

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