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How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile from 1 star to 5 star

A 5-star profile ensures you are high on the rank of people in your industry and also those with your skillset.

In simple terms, this means you are easily found before others when a recruiter needs your skill set because you come up tops in the search.

Here are 5 easy ways to move from beginner to All-star real quick!

  1. A picture says a thousand word

Your profile picture tells the world the kind of brand you portray, you should have a professional headshot if you can afford one. However, if you can’t then you do not have to spend a lot of money for a professional headshot, all you need to do is get a very good smartphone with a great camera and get a friend or colleague to take a picture of your against a white background or wall at work. Go ahead to upload the picture to your Linkedln profile

  1. Your skills are valid

Document all the skills you have gained which are relevant to your field, skills such as communication, computer skills, negotiation and even project management skills should be included on your profile to help the recruiter identify you easily.

  1. Where did you school?

Your secondary school, university and other educational degrees must be documented as well under the Education Section. The name of your school and the year you graduated should be indicated, this helps your old classmates find you easily via LinkedIn.

  1. Connect your way to the top

As a new user of Linkedln you should add at least 50 connections, you can start by adding your old classmates, work colleagues and friends to build your profile up. Connecting with them is very easy and can be done via the search tab- just type in the name of your school and several connections would pop up. You can also send them a Linkedln request by importing your email contacts to Linkedln- this method is very effective as I was able to build up my Linkedln profile by a thousand more connections (compromising of friends, colleagues and acquaintances) in 2 weeks via this method.

  1. Which Industry are you in?

Ensure you list the industry you work in on your profile as it makes it easier for recruiters to find you. If you work in the tech industry then you should include Information Technology as the industry you work it presently. However, if you are looking to change career path from Tech to Human Resources then you can include Human Resources as your industry and specifically state in your profile summary that you are presently transitioning and open to opportunities in Human Resources.

Still wondering how to get from 1 Star to 5 Star?

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