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Time out with Mrs Ibukun Awosika #TFD Series 2

As a continuation of my last post..I would be sharing Mrs Awosikas words on Business.

  • When starting a business it is important to ask yourself this question”how does the product become a commercially viable product?”
  • Failure is a learning path
  • There is nothing wrong with not knowing.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself especially when you make mistakes
  • The best business plan in the world is called assumption
  • Many of the best products we use today are a product of accidental discoveries
  • Numbers speak, so it is very unwise not to know your numbers as you go along in business.
  • Know your numbers and learn how to present them infront of a board
  • You must learn to invest in yourself
  • Humble your mind
  • Know your skills
  • Instead of a designer bag, pay for a designer programme and empower yourself
  • Everywhere you go, take your learning.
  • Identify the gaps you need to know and fill them
  • Have value adding friends
  • Any business idea that had market value is scale-able
  • Always test your ideas in a smaller way before launching out
  • Throw a tea party, a small gathering just to test your ideas out first
  • Have the patience to move in stages
  • Be the best at what you do
  • Referral in business is 10,000 times more than advertising
  • Your word to a customer must be your bond
  • Find friends that encourage and support you
  • Character above competence
  • Your smallest or youngest Staff is as important if not more important as you are.
  • Show kindness to your Staff
  • When greeting lower level Staff at a company, a Ma or Sir can go a long way in saving your career, business or life
  • Never stop learning

Tomorrow I would be sharing all I learnt on Career and relating with other people from Mrs Awosika.

Thank you for reading.

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