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Sure Ways to Make Your Skills Irresistible To Recruiters on Linkedin

I was in a conversation with someone a few days ago and he asked me how he could make himself irresistible to recruiters on Linkedin as he has been job searching for quite some time now and wanted to try out Linkedin. I gave him a few tips to use but as I was short for time I promised to send this email to him today so he reads it and makes use of it all. 

, Here are four sure ways to make your skills irresistible to Linkedin Recruiters on Linkedin

1. Recommendations
This is a sure way to make your skills visible to recruiters. To get recommended for your skills and experiences, simply request for a recommendation from a colleague or your boss. Whoever that wants to recommend you has to be your connections first on LinkedIn else they won’t be able to. You can also request them to endorse you for your skills on LinkedIn.

2. Portfolio
A portfolio is a collection of your work and projects done. A portfolio helps showcase your level of work to recruiters and employers. As long as you are getting your work done you should always compile your work in a portfolio. There are several tools such as Canva which help you put your projects together beautifully. You can also use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and search for good templates to use on Google. A portfolio should contain details of your projects, a description of your projects, your short bio and your contact details. Upload your portfolio on Linkedin so every recruiter gets to see your work at a glance.

3. Create content
They often say Content is king especially in the digital world where you get bombarded with so much information daily.
As a job seeker, you should be a content king by constantly researching and writing about the latest and new developments in your industry and sharing on social media.
The depth and simplicity of your content determine how well you have done your research and also indicates your level of expertise to your prospective employers. So get writing! So many people have landed jobs via their content and you can too!

4. Volunteering
I remember once my sister called me the Queen of Volunteering, that was because I was always on the go using my skills to contribute to projects and also gaining new skills in return for free!.
Volunteering is easy and simple and can also help you become irresistible to recruiters cause it shows you have something else apart from work you really care about.

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