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Skills and Experience + Degree = A Total Graduate

Congratulations! Well done! And other hero cheering remarks filled the mouths of well-wishers to the class of 2017 graduates these past few weeks. Indeed a graduation is a milestone event in every school leaver’s life- regardless of the class you graduate with or the school you come from. Celebrations are always a much-needed form of encouraging the graduands and ensuring they remain in high spirit to go forth and achieve more- in this case- a well-paying job or a masters or PHD whichever the desire of parents may be.

Often I sit to think of the fate of a beautifully designed certificate with a name on it and a shining CV with no experience or skills to it. I wonder what the fate of such graduates is- but I think I already know the answer to my wonder.

Looking at the news daily reminds me of the large gap between the unemployed graduates and the job market. I really do not want to go into statistic but am very sure we know how many lovely graduates are without a job between 1-5 years after graduation.

The list usually ranges from no skill, no experience, low pay etc, in fact, I think the list is quite endless. However, the most prominent ones are no skill for jobs or no hands on experience on the job, as I am aware majority of the science based courses have an Industrial training attachment before graduation. I carried out my internship at Chams Plc while at year 3 at the university and it gave me a very good outlook of how an organisation is run and managed; I also got to gain several skills while having my work placement for 6 months.

Well, luckily for me, I got that experience because I studied Computer Science, my question is how about the other courses such as Commerce, Psychology, Business Administration, Agricultural Education and the likes? How about internship placements for them to avail them the work skills and knowledge they require attaining a job upon graduation?

In as much as the educational system is adequately run by the government, I strongly believe this is a great way of ensuring students gain their work skills needed in advance before they graduate.

A Business Administration student could get a placement at a law firm to learn basic skills such as letter drafting, answering telephone calls, managing and setting up meetings. While an Agricultural Education student could get an intern at a poultry learning the practical aspects of his or her degree.

A time to learn is very important however a hands on experience of all things learnt is even more important to enable students to have a deeper understanding of their course and also give them the much-needed leap they need as they start a new life.


Congratulations to the class of 2017.

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