Accelerate Your Career

Finding Your Career Path Easily

  Finding a career path can be very daunting especially when you are just fresh out of school with no work experience.  From a personal point of view, it took me several years of trying several obs to eventually carve a path for myself. I have documented 3 ways which you can use in finding […]

Lost but Found

I was at Sheikh Sayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi earlier today to see the most beautiful mosque ever which I heard so much about The mosque is everything both in pictures and real life! While going around the mosque I lost my way back and didn’t know how to find it. I must have spent […]

My Encounter with Linkedln

I joined Linkedln in 2012 as a regular user just like everyone else without taking time to study the platform and how it can benefit me. Fast forward to 2016 I was curious about how I can use the tool for my sales targets and started spending more time daily on Linkedln. I started adding […]


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