Accelerate Your Career

Find your Voice

Today I would be talking about finding your voice. What is that thing you love to do? What is the thing which you love to do for free ? and it brings you fulfillment  and joy in life. What makes you tick ? What can you spend all day talking about without  feeling exhausted one […]

Life Lessons from Mrs Ibukun Awosika

Once again I had the opportunity to meet with the wonderful Mrs Awosika and gained an enormous amount of knowledge from her.  I left this gathering of great women filling enriched both mentally and spiritually.  From my very brief but sweet experience with her I learnt the following- In life, you must know where you are coming […]

What are you bringing to the table?

  What are you bringing to the table? Yes! YOU! This is a question that always tugs at my heart when I hear people say things like “I need a job” or I want to change my job.  I am very quick to ask (in my heart) what are you bringing to the table, now […]

Be the BEST version of you in 2016

Have you ever wondered what your career would have been like if you had someone to help you up the corporate ladder? Do you sometimes feel that a little nudge or help in the right direction would have landed you that position. I have realized that many people do not live up to their full […]


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