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There are several myths that trail Linkedln, just like every social platform there is always an iota of uncertainty as what the kind of opportunities the platform brings.

Many times I have been told that there are no real or true jobs on Linkedln, which I find untrue because I have landed two jobs on Linkedln. Also, there is a job section on Linkedln for you to apply, post and review jobs from all over the world.

The second myth is that many people believe their dream job is not on Linkedln, well I beg to disagree because almost every professional is on Linkedln, therefore, your dream job would be on Linkedln.

I have taken valuable time to prepare the Linkedln Makeover Course which debunks all these myths and most importantly shows you in 4 easy to watch videos how to get your dream job on Linkedln.

The course starts on the 4th of May and is open for registration, to get your dream job on Linkedln and join the success story of Linkedln Professionals click here

Your dream job is on Linkedln. Click here to get started.

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