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My Encounter with Linkedln

I joined Linkedln in 2012 as a regular user just like everyone else without taking time to study the platform and how it can benefit me. Fast forward to 2016 I was curious about how I can use the tool for my sales targets and started spending more time daily on Linkedln. I started adding connections in the C suite such as Managers, CEOs, Directors. I also reconnected with old school mates which I came across on the platform. It was a new learning experience for me.

With my profile, I ensured I updated my skills section, I took some professional pictures when I returned home and uploaded one of them as my profile picture. I also communicated the value I brought to the table through my Linkedln summary.

After doing these and more, I started reaching out to the connections I added with a simple message by introducing myself, and telling them a bit about what I do and also asking them if there was a way we could collaborate on projects or ideas.

My intention was to sell my company’s IT solutions to them but in the messages sent to them, I never mentioned that.

I always got positive replies from my connections and then after I asked for their contact, which they freely sent to me. I put a call through and get to meet them personally, then dive into how both firms can work together. It was a win-win case all the time! Although some instances some connections did not have the need for our products so I only kept in touch with them for future deals, however for those who needed IT solutions like websites and the likes, they were automatically my clients through this method and the use of Linkedln. Linkedln helped me to get closer to my clients and also reach my sales target.

Then in the middle of 2016, I got a Linkedln message from a founder in an e-commerce company asking me to come for an interview for the role of a Product Manager. It was a surprise to me as I had not applied for any job on Linkedln. I immediately accepted the interview invitation and went for the interview, the following day I got the job as a Product Manager!

I started the job and it lasted for a period of 4 months before I moved into Project Management which has always been my career goal. My Project Management role was a job I got via a Whatsapp broadcast, I sent my CV, went for the interview with a 3 man panel and got the job the same day.

I started in my role as a PM the following week working on 4 projects at the same time, out of 4 I delivered successfully on 2 during my tenure.

While in the job I saw my Linkedln profile was viewed by a Manager in a Multinational several times, this arose my curiosity and I sent a message to the Manager to ask if there was something I could help him with. He replied that I was a good fit for a role he was looking to fill in his team and was wondering if I would want to come in for an interview.

I went for 2 interviews and at the first interview I was asked the regular questions but I was also asked how soon I could start and how much I would like to earn? I found the questions as pointers to the fact I was the right fit they were looking for also how valuable my skills were to the organization.

I did not proceed to take the job because I was in a job which my career path was already planned out as a Project Manager and because I had a career goal I decided to follow my plan.

In all of these experiences, my Linkedln profile sold my skills, experiences and value to the organizations who found me right there on Linkedln without my reaching out to them in any way.

I did not even know these companies existed and I did not know I was the right fit for their company, but because my profile has been set up in a way that promotes the value I bring, that also shows my skills and experiences. It was just as easy as clicking a button to find me on Linkedln.

I want you to also be found by your dream job and employer by Linkedln and that is why I have created the Linkedln Makeover Course for you.

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In this course, I would teach you in a step by step format how to prepare your profile making it attractive to a recruiter just like bees to a honeycomb.

In this course, you would move you from your current job-hunter status to a new-staff in your desired industry using LinkedIn.

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