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Lost but Found

I was at Sheikh Sayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi earlier today to see the most beautiful mosque ever which I heard so much about

The mosque is everything both in pictures and real life!

While going around the mosque I lost my way back and didn’t know how to find it.
I must have spent close to an hour going round in circles and trying to find my way out…

Eventually, I decided to ask a lady who was dressed in a security uniform. She was kind enough to help me by leading me to the exit door and ensured I was fine.

Later on the way home,  I wondered to myself what could have happened if I didn’t ask  for help with directions and these 2 things came to mind:

1. I would have kept wandering around the mosque for hours till I found my way out therefore wasting my time and energy in the process.

2. I could have given up about finding my way out and just kept wandering around till the mosque closed at 10pm. This way I would eventually led out by a security staff.

You are at a point in your life where you are lost and can’t find your way in your career. You are going round and round in circles just like I was at Sheikh Sayed Mosque while trying to find my way out.Or you might have just given up on finding a clear career path and resigned your fate to stay stuck in a job you do not love.

If this is you, you are lost in your career and need to be found then I am available to help you find your way in your career, gain clarity in your career path and live an amazing life.

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