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Life Lessons from Mrs Ibukun Awosika


Once again I had the opportunity to meet with the wonderful Mrs Awosika and gained an enormous amount of knowledge from her.  I left this gathering of great women filling enriched both mentally and spiritually.  From my very brief but sweet experience with her I learnt the following- In life, you must know where you are coming from, know where you are and also bear in mind where you are going. Here are a few points which am sure would transform your life.

  • Be a change agent

      Become a person of impact and give back, we encouraged us to change and transform lives.


  • Be Strategic

She also mentioned that you have include strategy in all you do, Be strategic she said! She gave an example of a woman who had a really high-flying job in a booming industry, and on a certain day she was informed about her promotion which involved a relocation to another country. This woman who was married with kids, then picked up the phone and called her husband to share the good  news she told her husband she had been promoted and they would have to move. Of course, this was great news been shared but unfortunately not shared in the best best approach- her husband was therefore very cold and disengaging. He responded saying she and the kids can move! This was not the response she was expecting, however, she was to blame because she was not strategic enough in relying the news to her husband.

Mrs Awosika image

  • Find yourself

Do not say “I do” until you have a sense of who you are. The biggest part of you is on the inside of you. Be diligent and productive in what ever you do and always be the best where ever you are.

Discovery = taking responsibilities + taking on challenges

Do something that you enjoy. When you do what you enjoy it is fun but what you do and do not enjoy is work!

  • Maximize your strengths

Stretch yourself to do more. Get value from others strengths. Know who you are. You are a book, gradually being open. Do anything you want to do or think of doing. Be courageous. You must invest in yourself to find out who your are. Go for trainings, courses and conferences.

As a a Tara Fela durotoye TFD Series Alumni I would be having a pay forward session in Feburary on Google hangout.

A pay forward session is where I would be sharing in depth lessons I have learnt from Mrs Awosika. It would also be a time of sharing experiences and knowledge. It promises to be fun and soul enriching! If you would be interested in joining us on Google Hangout in February for this wonderful session, kindly register your interest here

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