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Invest in Yourself


5 Ways to invest in yourself

 Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you would ever make in life. It is the surest way to enjoy a better quality of life and achieve your fullest potential. Whether you are taking up a new skill or learning a new language, you need to be at your best so you can serve others better. Quite a number of people invest in themselves through courses and seminars, however a lot of people don’t because they probably have a good job that pays the bill and hence makes them very comfortable. If the truth be told, in the next 2,4 or 5 years, would they still have that job and if they don’t – what skill would they have developed outside that role to make them prepared to move to another better paying or fulfilling role?

It is our responsibility to take time to develop ourselves- gifts, talents and skills. I will like to share some amazing ways to invest in yourself- and the great news is that they don’t require money.

Funmi’s Top 5 ways to Invest in Yourself Now

  1. Set Goals

To become successful in life you have to develop the habit of setting goals for every      aspect of your life. Goals serve as a guide to where you are going and how to achieve it.  Write down business goals, personal goals, career goals etc. You can set a goal to get to a managerial position in the next 1 year and work towards it. Your goals must also be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable (Achievable), Realistic (Relevant) and Timely,


  1. Develop new skills

Setting goals are good, but then you have to develop new skills to achieve these goals because without developing the necessary skills your goals would never be achieved. Developing a new skill doesn’t always mean investing in higher education, you can utilize various forms of investing in yourself such as taking online classes on Coursera, and

Attending workshops and seminars is also a good way to develop skills- you can find various free and paid ones on Eventbrite, Eventful and Eventnownow.

  1. Nurture your mind and body

Nurturing your mind and body opens your mind to ideas, more knowledge, opportunities   and mental strength.

You can nurture your mind by-

  • Reading

Read books, magazines and articles which expand your mind to ideas, usually I like to read books outside my niche so I get to learn a thing or two.

Read at least 1 book a month- I read a book a month, that’s about 1-2 chapters a day. I intend increase my reading capacity to two books a week just like Les Brown- If I can do it so can you!

If you dedicate one hour before bedtime daily you would achieve this awesome goal. You can get books online at Laterna, Okada books or Jumia.

  • Explore new cultures

Learning new cultures are a great way to nurture your mind and grow. You can do this by travelling, joining organizations that have people from different backgrounds and also reading about other cultures online. It might be quite pricey to travel and if you really

cannot afford to then I suggest you read travel blogs, watch videos of countries online- the bottom line is that you are learning a new culture apart from yours.

  • Care for your body

You should take absolute care of your body daily by eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and drinking lots of water.  As my sister would say, do not treat your body like a waste bin- by eating only junk food. You need to have a healthy body to achieve your goals, you need to also invest in your body by reading about what’s good and what’s not good enough for your body. You can follow a health and wellness coach on Instagram like YemSmoothies to learn how to eat and live well for less.

  1. Invest in a coach

A coach is your partner in success. A coach assists you in putting your goals into plans and then into action. A coach motivates you and guides you on your success journey. With a coach you would be the best you can be. There are different coaches for various areas of life, thereby it’s great to get a coach for whichever area who want to focus on- such as your business, health or your career.  A great business coach is Stephanie Obi while Yemsmoothies is a health coach, you can follow them both on Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Volunteer for a cause

There is nothing as self-rewarding and fulfilling as giving your time and skills for free to   drive a cause. Volunteering is a form of investing in yourself and in others- working with charities and projects allow you the opportunity to learn from them, while you in turn bring your skills and expertise to ensuring their projects are successfully. In the past I have volunteered with Charities in UK, Ghana and even presently still volunteering with some Nigerian Charities. I believe everyone should volunteer- this opportunity is the cheapest form of investing in yourself

I can say without a doubt: When you invest in yourself, a whole world of opportunities will open up to you- the universe will conspire in your favour.

When you invest in yourself, you will be an attraction magnet to others.


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  1. Thanks a lot. Quite an enlightening read. Please kindly recommend some organizations that one could successfully volunteer . Thanks

    1. Hi Pato, Lovely to read from you. Depending on the causes you are interested in, some of these organizations include LEAP Africa, FATE Foundation, HOPE Foundation, Smile Care Initiative and Star Girl Education Foundation.

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