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How to sell yourself on Linkedin

Have you ever heard someone say you are a brand? Either as a professional or a business owner, when people meet you they always want to know what you do as a means of living. Linkedin basically makes that aspect of telling people what you do much easier for you and for them.

Below I have detailed ways to sell yourself(your skills, services, experiences and abilities) on Linkedin so you can take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

1.    Set a Linkedin Goal

When people approach me for LinkedIn coaching sessions, my first questions always is what’s your goal? I ask because when a goal is not set or known then abuse is inevitable. So before jumping on LinkedIn, set a goal of what you want to achieve on the platform.

While for some it could be to increase the number of professionals in their network, for some it could be to use Linkedin as a lead generation tool, while some want to land their dream job on Linkedin. Whatever your goal is to ensure it is serving others or helping you become better in many aspects of your life or career.

2.    Set a timeline for your goal.

In January a lady let’s call her Ella reached out to me on Instagram for a Coaching session, she signed up for a physical session with me and we met face to face. During the course of her session, she mentioned she wanted a new job in Finance by the end of February. It was a great goal with a very possible timeline so we both wrote it down and I developed a learning and development plan which she got started on immediately.

By the 2nd week of March, she messaged me to say she just landed a role in Finance. The essence of writing your goal down is to ensure you know by when you should achieve it and also keep yourself accountable. It also helps to have an accountability partner such as a coach or mentor that keeps you on your toes till the goal is achieved.

3.    Develop a Linkedin Strategy

Yes, you need a strategy to use Linkedin to sell yourself effectively to recruiters. Many times we often think it’s just businesses and ideas that need strategies but we are wrong. Anybody that wants to achieve a goal needs a strategy. So what exactly is a strategy? It’s basically a set of steps you take to achieve your desired goal. Your LinkedIn strategy as a job seeker or professional looking for a new role should include the following:

1. A list of companies you want to work with or do business with.

2. Research on the companies on LinkedIn and HR people who work there

3. Develop a Linkedin profile that sells you excellently

4. Create content on the industry you want and share on your profile

And amongst many other things.

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