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Every night I cried myself to sleep


It was mid-June and I had just started a new job which I was really excited about, after been out of a job for 2 solid years and 3 months, you could only imagine my level of joy and happiness when the offer letter came in after a very long and tasking interview for the role a few weeks back.

The role seemed like the perfect job and exactly what I thought I wanted to do with my life, well it wasn’t exactly what I wanted but sitting at home for 2 long years with no pay or income and my account constantly on red wasn’t going to continue so I immediately jumped at the offer when it came.

I got the job was all I wanted to hear and the opportunity to leave the house daily to go the office- even if it meant 3 hours in dreadful traffic daily was well worth, or so I thought.

My first day was very chilled out, meeting with the team and also getting myself acquainted with the various departments in the company was majorly what I did.

During lunch time, some of my new colleagues a.k.a work buddies came over to my desk to ask me if I wanted to go out for lunch, the company offered us free lunch daily but they suggested we step out for lunch so they could show me around the area and the “happening” work lunch joints.

They seemed really nice and down to earth and were always eager to answer my questions, well it seemed like I was in the right company at long last!

Friendly work buddies, a nice desk of my own, free lunch! What more could I ask for right?

I hadn’t met my line manager just yet as he was away for a few weeks on vacation to the Maldives- living the baby boy life I thought.

Lunch was good, my work buddies insisted they paid for my food and drink and even made us stop by an ice cream shop close by as a welcome treat, God this was becoming really hard to believe as life seemed so golden.

Fast forward, it’s been one month and five days at Pioneer Holdings PLC and I am not complaining, my line manager finally got back from his exotic vacation and was the nicest person ever, he still is and helps me with major tasks once in a while.

My work buddies are still as friendly, hearty and jovial as they were on my first day, my salary was paid on the 21st of the month and alongside all other benefits discussed at the interview.

I am enjoying my daily tasks which involves proposal writing, bid document preparation and a bit of content development for the company’s website.

In one word I can describe my job as” Awesome” but I feel something is still missing, I feel there is a gap in my life that is not been filled, a need in my life that has not been met.

I ask myself week by week, if I was to die tomorrow would I die a fulfilled person, with joy in my soul and accomplishment in my heart?

Would I have lived a fulfilled life?

If you have these same questions in your heart, and you need someone to talk to or just unravel your soul to, please send me a mail on

I am here for you.

Watch out for the concluding episode of Every night I cried myself to sleep next week Thursday.


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