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Good morning Ma, said the cleaner to me with a smile just I was about stepping into the office.

How are you dear? Good morning I replied while wondering what made her smile so much, I noticed she was always so jovial and happy even while doing her job but could not help but wonder what made her so joyful.

Hmm the irony of life I thought, here I am with a good job, awesome team and a friendly boss who wants to see me succeed but then I lack every form of happiness or fulfilment doing this role.

Oh well, let’s see how today goes, perhaps I could get some answers to all these bothersome questions in my soul.

I got to my cubicle, dropped my bag and settled on my desk, I was just about to grab a cup of tea when I heard someone shout “ Helooooo earth to Morayo” I have been calling your name since you stepped into the office! Na where your mind dey?

It was Chidi my honourable colleague, the office clown and biggest positive thinker I had ever met in my entire life.

Hello Chidi, so sorry I didn’t hear you, How are you?

Great thanks dear, how was your night?

Hmm my night was very short.

I sighted the frown on Chidi’s face and quickly changed my answer, my night was good o

Are you sure? Asked Chidi, you look somewhat worried.

At this point I decided to pour out my heart to Chidi; I am a bit worried Chidi, I do not enjoy what I do anymore, the job is somewhat routine and I am not finding any form of fulfilment in my role. I really don’t know what else to do.

Morayo, I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice the drop in your enthusiasm towards your work, I just didn’t want to be too forward to find out from you earlier but I am glad you have decided to share with me.

I think Funmilola might be able to help you said Chidi, who is Funmilola?

She is a Career Coach and helps people get from point A to point B in their career, especially with career fulfilment and clarity.

Wow please, how can I reach her Chidi?

Just send her an email: or add her on Instagram @careerswithfunmi.

Thank you Chidi,  honestly, you have made my day!





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