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Every Night I cried Myself to Sleep III


It was past 8pm and I had just returned from work, a long day it was with the hectic traffic on 3rd mainland bridge, no thanks to the rain that poured down for over 4 hours. I wasn’t in the mood to chat with anyone but was quite famished, lunch wasn’t so great so I decided to opt out and have plantain chips instead, I had technically worked all day on an empty stomach.

On hearing the key turn and the door open, my younger brother ran towards me shouting “Welcome home Sis” It was always a pleasure to see him run towards me after work, he made my coming home a joyful thing especially after a very stressful day.

I took a quite shower, had a quick dinner and went straight to bed, my body ached from sitting all day at work, but my heart ached even more from not finding joy in the work that I did.

I spent a few minutes to catch up on my Instagram feeds, all I saw were loads of beautiful pictures of people with happy faces and wide smiles and I ONLY wished my life could be that perfect.

I wished I could have such happy smile plastered on my face while going to work daily, I really wished my life could be that perfect, with no worries and no downtime.

It’s been over 6 months and I still feel stuck at work, with a heavy heart doing tasks and meeting deadlines that do not excite me or bring me fulfilment.

How can I change my life?

If you are presently at this stage in your career and looking for a way to change your career or find what makes you happy. Feel free to reach out to me via email:


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