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It was Monday morning and I just managed to have breakfast, getting to work before 8 am was always the first thing on my To-do list, the staff bus had arrived 5 minutes ahead of time, Mr Ade the driver was always apt with his timing especially on Mondays.

I rushed out of the house with my cup of tea and handbag racing to the bus stop like my life depended on it. I must not miss the bus, else my struggle for an Obalende bus would know no bounds. I got to the bus stop just in time and hopped into the bus.

Greeted everyone Good morning and grabbed my seat by Ifeanyi my seat partner, how was your night dear? Asked Ifeanyi, Fine oh I replied while I tried to balance my cup of tea and handbag at the same time.

Hope you a good weekend? I trust you went for Owambe abi? Ifeanyi has a habit of asking loads of questions and asking them all at the same time, I had grown to understand him these past few weeks of joining the company and also being his regular seat partner.

“My weekend was good” I replied quickly to avoid any more questions, my heart was really heavy, I hadn’t slept well all weekend but I couldn’t bring myself to tell Ifeanyi al that.

I couldn’t tell him my night was filled with worries and sometimes tears, and that I sometimes had my ears plugged with music to ease me to sleep I couldn’t tell him I worried what my life could be like if I wasn’t working at this job at this particular time in my life.

Questions about my life purpose, fulfilment and living a life of legacy kept coming to me all weekend, yet it was another wonderful week at the office and I couldn’t bring myself to focus on the weeks tasks ahead.

The bus stopped abruptly and the halt brought me back from my thoughts, everyone alighted from the bus and I followed suit…

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