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Dear Unemployed Graduate IV

You spent hours filling in the application for the role and even got someone to review your answers before sending it in. You are very confident that you would be called for an interview. The following week you check your email to read “Thank you for your application, unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with you..This could be your daily routine, from getting rejected to getting no replies to applications; you almost start to think that nothing good would come out of all these applications. Here are a few insights on what you should do next after a rejection email:
1. Receive the email in good faith – remember this is just one opportunity missed from thousands of opportunities awaiting you.
2. Reply with a thank you email and politely request for a feedback on the areas you need to develop on to help you ace the next application/interview.
3. With the feedback you receive, look for resources to improve- it could be getting your CV reviewed or researching on how to answer interview questions.
4. Keep moving forward- send in more applications to the role you desire, attend networking events to meet potential recruiters and follow online blogs to keep updated on your industry knowledge.

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