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Career Choices Series: Siju

I hate my job Siju cried out to her dear friend whom she had known since they were 15. Siju had a great job working as a banker at one of the top banks in Lagos, she got paid a fat salary and other benefits such as 13th-month salary, access to prestigious events and also […]

How to sell yourself on Linkedin

Have you ever heard someone say you are a brand? Either as a professional or a business owner, when people meet you they always want to know what you do as a means of living. Linkedin basically makes that aspect of telling people what you do much easier for you and for them. Below I […]

10 Solid Ways to Land A Job Online

Using social media to fast track your job search process is definitely the way to go in this 21st century where everything is digitalized and assisted with the help of technology. Personally, I have landed two jobs with the help of social media, where different scenarios could apply to everyone, one thing that remains constant […]