Accelerate Your Career

Category: Personal Development


As a Career Coach I meet a lot of students, graduates and professionals daily you have several career goals and desires. In the course of our discussion I find out most have genuine goals but their present level of development isn’t at par with theit goals. An example is someone who wants to land a […]

Invest In Yourself

  5 Ways to invest in yourself  Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you would ever make in life. It is the surest way to enjoy a better quality of life and achieve your fullest potential. Whether you are taking up a new skill or learning a new language, you need to […]

Lessons Learnt From YALI

On the 27th of February 2016 I got a mail from the YALI saying “Congratulations Olufunmilola, we are pleased to announce you have been accepted into the YALI RLC, Out of 14,000 applications”. I was happy, nervous and somewhat excited at this news. Little did I know it was going to a life changing experience […]