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Hello there! I believe we have all had a great week so far and most definitely looking forward to the weekend ahead. Today I would like to share with you something I call Career nuggets – snippets of knowledge you need to know as you grow in your career in life.  Interestingly, this nuggets applies to both employed and unemployed professionals and those looking t get into the professional world.

So let’s share.

1. Eat lunch with your colleagues

Go for lunch with your colleagues regardless of they have lunch, and at least one a week. This is because most office information and projects updates are discussed during lunch- away from the pressure and tension of the office, also it’s a good time to ask for some help from your colleague on that project of yours. An out of office environment always comes with openness, calmness and some light atmosphere- this s definitely something you should leverage on if you have to looking to get some honest feedback on a project you recently worked on

2. Ask for help

No man is an island and it is very natural for us to need help sometimes, don’t be too shy or ashamed to ask for help with a project or proposal you might be struggling with.

3. Bring new ideas to the table

Be the one who constantly thinks of ways things can be done in a better, this could be reviewing a sales process or strategy or just a simple suggestion on how to increase sales. Either way always come to the table with new ideas on how to grow the company.

4. Ask why

I like to say “the person never ask why never knows why”. Always ask for the why of a project or idea, this helps you gain clarity of the aim of the project who might be involved in. It also shows you know exactly what is being discussed and you are not just agreeing with a project or idea just because it sounds nice or good.

5. Learn new skills on the job.

While working on your job always look around for new skills which you can learn and improve yourself with. Depending on your role, your organization might register you on courses which are meant to improve your skill set and also make you better on the job. However, if your organization is not one which does that, take it upon yourself to look for free and affordable courses which can improve your skill set while on the job.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post? if you did kindly share with your friends.

Thanks for reading.

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