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Career Choices Series: Siju

I hate my job Siju cried out to her dear friend whom she had known since they were 15. Siju had a great job working as a banker at one of the top banks in Lagos, she got paid a fat salary and other benefits such as 13th-month salary, access to prestigious events and also health insurance and the others.

Her sisters envied her greatly as she got it live the baby girl life, little did they know she was gradually dying inside.

Her kids were in good schools on the island and her husband worked for himself. He got to drop the kids off at school every morning and pick them up daily too- so that took off the school runs stress off her.

However, her day started as early as 4 am, having her prayers, getting the kids ready for school and also checking the backlog of emails she had to deal with and oh the numerous meetings too!

Thankfully she had an Assistant you helped with the workload but due to the confidentiality of her work, her PA wasn’t allowed to attend to all files.

I am tired and I hate my job Siju cried out to her dear friend Tolu, I haven’t slept well in over 10 days, my back hurts and is constantly drained. I want out Tolu, I don’t think I can do this anymore.

Siju, please take it easy ooo don’t resign yet, please. You know you are the major breadwinner of your family and your husband’s business hasn’t picked up yet so things might be tough for you guys if you resign now.

Hmmm, so what do I do now? Siju asked Tolu. And then there was a long silence on the phone…

What do you think Siju should do?

A. Resign from her job since she’s tired

B. Get a Career Coach to help her through the process

C. Keep working and hoping for the best

D. Do nothing

Share your advice for Siju below, remember there is no wrong or right answer.

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