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Have you ever wondered what your career would have been like if you had someone to help you up the corporate ladder? Do you sometimes feel that a little nudge or help in the right direction would have landed you that position. I have realized that many people do not live up to their full potential in the corporate world, some have head turning degrees and exceptional skills but end up with roles which aren’t up to their level of experience.

While some are paid peanuts for a job where others are paid millions, yes! people are paid millions of Naira to do the same job some are paid a few hundreds to do. You might end up asking me why is this so? Well, I will tell tell you later.

You have started 2016 with so many goals you would want to achieve, but am telling you point blank that if you don’t earn more money this year, these goals would not happen. This is not a curse but the fact! Am sure your goals include things like buying a car- a new one I would suppose, also getting forms of investments such as land, or a house, even if your goal is to change your current phone to a sleeker one- you still need more to achieve it right?

So back to your question, why do others earn more than others for doing the same job in the same industry?  The answer is very simple, THOSE THAT EARN LESS DO NOT KNOW THE LEVEL OF SKILLS OF EXPERIENCE THEY HAVE! In a nutshell, they do not know what they have and since they do not know, they don’t sell themselves for the best possible value ever.

This is a New Year and I am very passionate about making sure everything in your life is new- especially your paycheck!

I am here to make you the BEST version of you, the one which would enable you live your dreams, buy that dream house, dream car and throw that big wedding you want this YEAR! by coming on my 1-1 Private Coaching Session you can live your dream, earn that figure you have been dreaming of and have an amazing 2016. I know  you  might be thinking but 2016 just started? how come I am very excited about ensuring you have an amazing 2016- well from experience I have learnt that the way you start your year matters a great deal and also 90% of the time it determines how you end it.

Just incase you are thinking who is Funmilola Kehinde, where is she coming from? what is here background? why should i trust her and what has she achieved so far? Well, I would like to let you know that your questions are very very valid and I have decided to share my linkedln profile here– to answer all your questions.

In this 1-1 Private Coaching Session with me, we will be putting together a strategy to catapult you from the level which you to the level which you want to be, and perhaps you do not really know what level you want to be- well that is perfectly fine. In this Private coaching session, we will be taking the time to help you find the best career path which matches your key skills, experiences and education and of course your monetary worth in the market in this New Year.

Do not be left out in the New Year, click HERE to move your career to the next level. Make 2016 count! The time starts now..1-1 private coaching

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