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Afolabi Oyewole – Co-Founder Xpress Rims & Tyres

Career Spotlight with Afolabi Oyewole- Co-Founder Xpress Rims &Tyres

Welcome to the maiden edition of Careers Spotlight. Today we have on the “Taking the leap from a 9-5 to a 5-9 series” we have on set Afolabi Oyewole,  a Brillant Banker turned Entrepreneur.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Afolabi Oyewole ,  I am the Co-Founder Xpress Rims And Tyres. I studied Economics at the Prestigious Olabisi Onabanjo University, since graduation I have worked for almost a decade in various units of the Banking sector but most often as a Marketer. I would really describe myself as a person with a drive to add value to people I come in contact with either in a business relationship or simple friendship. I also like to relax and spend time with Family and friends.

 2. How did you become a Banker?

My first contact with the Banking sector was during my Youth service which was in Lagos State. During my time coppers had the luxury of carrying out their primary assignments either in Banks , Blue Chip Companies or Government Parastatal. So getting a good Company/Organization to serve in now depends on your luck. I guess I was privileged to get a New generation Bank as my Place of primary assignment,and the rest is history.

 3. What birthed the transition of a 9-5 to a 5-9?

 I would always say this, Not everyone is Born to be an Entrepreneur. Some are born to do the proverbial 9 – 5 jobs and excel at doing it. As much as you have successful entrepreneurs so you also have successful Managing Director, Successful Sales Personnel and Successful Engineers who all do great in what the they do. However I decided look inwards to know where I  stand and pursue it, then I had to find out what I love doing, which would meet people’s need and add value to them. I also figured I would build on my background of work experience.

In view of these aims I decided upon the Tyre sector based on my research, my background in Economics and my love for Automobile. I discussed this with a friend who had similar ideas and was more knowledgeable in this field, that is how Xpress Rims & Tyres came to Friction.

4. What do you do now?

I head the Marketing and Sales Unit of the Company.

What Xpress Tyres does is to make the purchase of Tyres, Batteries, Rims & Accessories as easy as ABC.IMG_3552

A. Call or Sms your Tyre (195/65r15) or Battery Size (75 Amps) to any of our numbers (08030967111, 08170397272, 07011311444 & 08080349354).

B. You Get a Quote from us on prices and brands available. Then confirm your Order.

C. Tyre or Battery delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

5. What are the challenges you face in your business?

There are challenges to every business and ours is no exception. However at Xpress Rims & Tyres, we believe in learning from every challenge and moving on to the next one. Owing to the fast growth of automobile and tyre industry, the greatest challenge so far has been receiving numerous orders. This challenge has helped us to expand our delivery methods to meet these needs by partnering with various courier companies to ensure prompt delivery.

6. What is the best advice you would give to someone considering a Banking career?

My advice to anyone considering a banking carer is to Embrace it and try as much as possible to learn as much as you can, this is also one occupation that makes you versatile because you deal with a people from all works of life, and you experience business being conducted in other sectors. This opens you up to a lot of things.

Furthermore I would Advice Aspiring Entrepreneurs to work in a Structured organization before you start your business. This helps you gain experience and an understanding of the Organogram and the structure of how an Organization operates, which helps you delegate duties and helps your business run even when you are not on ground.

7. What do you think is the first thing every fresh entrepreneur should do before starting a business?

Pray for God’s Grace and Guidance.  Search within for that which you love, Trust me when you find that thing you would know. Do your research. Then Stay Hungry! Stay Humble!! Stay Foolish!!!

8. How can we reach you when we need to get new tyres?

You can reach us on this numbers; 08030967111, 08170397272, 07011311444 & 08080349354 and visit our blog here.

9. Apart from tyres and accessories sale, do you offer any other services such as training?

Yes, we are fully into training of groups and companies about tyres, tyre are the only thing that keeps your vehicle in contact with the road, which make it a very important part of a vehicle when it comes to safety. There are so many things motorist ignore about their tyres which should not be. Xpress Rims and Tyre also offer safety and maintenance training to  Companies staffs and Drivers.



(From Top to Bottom) Tyre awareness training held for drivers of Guaranty Trust bank, Lagos and staff of Niche-Im Communications Limited.

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