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Unhappily Employed I

It’s been three years since Siju joined Haliva Limited as the Personal Assistant to the CEO and it has been a great learning experience for her, She enjoys the planning, travelling and administration tasks that come with the role.

However, Siju wants more experience with International Relations. She enjoys her current job but she does not feel fulfilled any more. The salary is great, with loads of benefits but she wants more…
Her love for International Relations steamed right from school, and her present role does not give her an opportunity to use her degree, right now she feels being a P.A is like watching her pass by her slowly…

She decides to start taking steps towards landing a role in International Relations but doesn’t know where to start, Siju had always wanted to learn French so she enrols for the weekend French Classes at Alliance Française so far it’s been going well but then she does not know what to do next?

Siju reaches out to a friend who advises her to talk to a career coach who can help map out a career roadmap strategy. Siju decides to check Instagram just before bedtime and uses the hashtag #careercoach on Instagram and CareerswithFunmi comes up on her search result.

She clicks on the handle and scrolls through the page to review her content, Siju sends CareerswithFunmi a DM to book a session.

Are you a “Siju”? currently employed and feeling unfulfilled? then click here to book a session with me by sending me a DM or you can email:

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