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4 Ways To Reach Out To A Linkedln Connection For Mentorship


I have outlined 4 practical ways to get mentored by a connection.

  1. Find out why you need mentorship and in what areas

If you are currently in a role and feel you need someone to guide you along your journey then you could reach out to a mentor for guidance. Mentors are everywhere but first, you need to know which area of your career you need a mentorship, for example, you could have problems in keeping clients, closing leads or communication with customers.

You could get mentors to help you through these areas.

  1. Search through your connections to see who is the best fit as a mentor

The next step would be to search through your connections to see who has this particular skill you want to be mentored on, Linkedln allows you view profiles of connections and see their highest ranked skills, you could decide at a glance if a particular connection has the skill you want to master.

  1. Google or research about the proposed mentor

Do some research on your proposed mentor, take your time to see what you mentor has interests in apart from work, it could be a cause such as girl education, poverty eradication.

  1. Reach out to the mentor with a short message on LinkedIn

Send a short but sweet message to your mentor, by sweet you should be letting your mentor, know what you admire about them, talking about a few of their interest and also letting them know you would like to be of value to them.

For example, if your proposed mentor runs a blog you could offer to manage it, or do a few research for them.

I always say value answers to value and if you want to get value from someone then you must be ready to offer value in return.

Have you identified any mentors on Linkedln? If you have then use these 4 steps to reach out to them and build your skill set for free.


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