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4 Things Recruiters Look Out For On Your Linkedin Profile and why you should care about them.

A few weeks back I had a recruiter for a multinational come on an Instagram session to teach out what recruiter like herself look out for on Linkedln when recruiting talents like yourself.

The session lasted for two hours with her sharing over 10 things recruiters watch out for on your profile, viewers of this session had loads of positive feedback afterwards.

Today I have decided to share with us 4 out of the things she shared with us on the day.

1. Recruiters lookout for a professional and clear profile picture that expresses who you really are. When recruiting for talents it is important for them to see your “real face” as this helps them get an idea of your personality and also clears their mind of any “ghost applicants”

2.  They look out for your summary, your summary tells them who you are, what skills you have and how you can add value to an organization. Your summary is the best place to  “sell your market” without any shame or pride. A winning summary gets the attention of a recruiter all the time.

3. Your experiences have to be communicated in a way that “shouts value” so that they are aware every place you worked has been a learning experience for you and has also built you up. Using words such as “prepared reports” “followed up on clients” do not communicate the value you bring to an organization and hence might be a red flag to a recruiter.

4. Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations!
Just as we see people tagging vendors and clients on Instagram and Facebook and singing praises about their customer service and how they were “wowed” by it, that is the same way Linkedln recommendations are instrumental to your career. When recruiters view your profile they look through your recommendations to see who you have worked with, studied with or worked for and what they had to say about you!

If you have not gained any work experience that is fine, you can ask your classmates to recommend you based on your study time together, school projects or leadership position you have held- any of this three is great as long as your recommendations are done.

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