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4 LinkedIn Mistakes You Make & How To Fix Them in 4 Minutes

LinkedIn is the most effective tool for individuals who want to carve a career path.

See below 4 LinkedIn Mistakes that you make and how you can fix them in 4 minutes or less.

  1. Your Profile Picture is nowhere to be found                                                                                                          
    Your LinkedIn photo is the first thing people see before your name, title or summary. As we all know, people like to put a face to a name and not a face to a name so your LinkedIn profile must have your picture. People tend to ignore profile requests without a profile picture because it depicts the requester is hiding something, and you really don’t want people having a negative first impression about you.  Having a mysterious identity on Linkedln would not help your job search do ensure you put up a nice and professional picture of yourself today.
  2. You are a LinkedIn One man Army.                                                                                                                          
    LinkedIn is a social professional to build your network so your professional net worth can improve. You have to intentionally build your LinkedIn network by connecting with professionals on the platform by sending connection requests, congratulating them on a new job or their birthday. Seize from being the person who has 1 or 5 connections on Linkedln and is happy with it. Don’t be a one-man Army to the detriment of your dream job because you are just one connection away from it.
  3. Your Linkedln URL does not make sense.                                                                                                    Every Linkedln user has a unique profile URL which is customizable to your name, for instance, my Linkedln URL is because I have customized it to my full name, which makes it easily identifiable. Whenever I share my Profile URL with my contacts, it leads them directly to my public profile, so they get to view my page, read my articles or simply just add me to their connections. Customizing your Linkedln Profile URL shows professionalism and also gives your brand some swag. It is similar to having your name on a face cap or a black t-shirt- pretty cool right? To customise your Linkedln URL go to your profile picture, then press the “Edit Profile” button. Click the gear symbol next to your URL, which will take you to a separate page where a “Your public profile URL” box will let you customize the link to your name.  Your LinkedIn URL that can also be added to your business cards and email signature.
  4.  You are in Ghost mode.                                                                                                                                           Are you one of those people that check into Linkedln one a month or every other day? Do you update your profile with the latest course or training you just attended? Do you write articles, share information and interact with other people’s posts? If your answer is No, then you are a certified ghost on Linkedln. Being a ghost on Linkedln cannot help your career in 2018, as a matter of fact, recruiters check the activity of prospective candidates before reaching out to them because it shows they are invested in creating and providing value to others. So endeavour to update your profile, start by writing an article a week, choose a topic which interests you and starts adding value.

If you are guilty of making any of these LinkedIn mistakes? Then not to worry I have just the perfect solution for you in the link below-





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