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3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Dream Job Yet.

Your dream job is the kind of job you envision yourself doing daily without any form of stress or tiredness.

Your dream job is the kind of job you love to do.

We are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2018 and getting your dream job could have been one of your goals, however, you aren’t even close to getting your foot into the door for an interview.

Well, the good news is that I am here to tell you a few mistakes you might be making that haven’t helped you in getting that job yet.

I have carefully taken time to spell out every mistake and also add a solution just after it, so make sure you read carefully.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. You have no Linkedin profile

In this time and age, the fastest way to get your dream job is via Linkedln. Getting a Linkedln profile is free and very easy to set up. With a profile on linkedln, you can build your CV really quickly and also get contacted by recruiters for your dream job.

To set up a Profile, visit

After you have opened a profile, click here for a FREE Linkedln profile Checklist click here to download.

This checklist would guide you as to what to put on your profile.

2.  You have no career goal or career path

If you know the saying which goes thus “Jack of all trade, Master of none” You would understand what having a no defined career goal or path means hence why your dream job eludes you. If you are in the habit of applying for any job that drops in your email or is sent to you via Whatsapp without asking yourself “Does this job align with my career path?” then you are a Jack of all “Jobs” and a Master of none.

If you really want to get your dream job you need to have a plan, a career plan that helps you work your way up and gives you direction as to where you are headed in your career.

Having a plan simply means you know the exact role you want and the company you want to work in, it also means you have started taking courses, learning new skills via volunteering that would enable you to get your dream job.

Read my article here for a simple way to create a career plan

How To Create A Career Path

3. Your CV and Cover letter are a no-show

After a recruiter notices you on Linkedln the next stage is usually a request for your CV and maybe a Cover letter for the role. If your CV and Cover letter do not represent anything close to your Linkedln profile, then you can rest assured you won’t be hearing from the recruiter anymore – regardless of how many gentle reminders you send.

It is advisable to have a CV and Cover Letter that depicts your Linkedln profile and sells your skills effectively to the recruiter.

For a Cover Letter and CV Review click here

If you have a Linkedln Profile and would want me to review it then you are in luck!

I will be offering 5 free 30 mins Skype Linkedln Profile Reviews next week.

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