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10 things you didn’t know you about a LinkedIn Makeover

Have you ever wondered why having a good LinkedIn profile is important or even why people pay for a LinkedIn makeover?

I understand that it might be hard to write about oneself. It can feel conceited or stiff. But you know you need to do it to get ahead, to be seen as credible, smart and together. I also understand that you may not have enough time to find the right words. You have all the words, believe me. You have a career story that demands to be told. Which is why it is important to get a LinkedIn profile makeover that suits you and these reasons will help you see why you should get one.

  1. A LinkedIn makeover is a complete overhaul from cover art to headline, summary, experience section and missed opportunities. It helps you get noticed and reach the next step in your career.
  2. A makeover will help you put a great profile summary together and tell it in a way that makes you memorable and different from everyone else on LinkedIn. You are made to stand out. You are a star, so why can’t you be one on LinkedIn?
  3. A makeover would not only fill out the fields, copy and paste your resume, it will also strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience so you can reach your true potential. The goal is to make sure you are satisfied.
  4. It also ensures your strategy and goals are well stated to achieve that professional branding and reputation that you would need as an individual or even a brand.
  5. A LinkedIn makeover can help you determine your career trajectory, Background & Expertise, Accomplishments & Successes, Unique value and differentiation
  6. It also helps attract recruiters, hiring managers as well as HR Professionals to your profile. It makes them more interested in finding out who you are.
  7. I bet you didn’t think a makeover would be important for a prospect in your business, to help showcase your products and services to anyone and everyone who needs it, and discover more opportunities and collaborations for you.
  8. It significantly increases your visibility in LinkedIn searches. Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur or a company trying to figure out how to get people to notice and engage with you, a makeover will make it happen
  9. A makeover will help you network more effectively. Now that your profile has been updated, people find your profile more attractive and want to connect with you.
  10. A makeover would utilize a conversational, narrative approach, your LinkedIn profile will provoke confidence and credibility while showcasing you as a high-level professional.

Your network will notice your elevated presence. Expect more emails, messages, phone calls, job offers. It highlights your career and expertise all in one tidy spot. It can get you noticed by recruiters, prospective clients and more.

All of these won’t happen if your profile isn’t up to date, memorable and engaging.

Remember, nobody will ever care more about your career than you.

You have to be ready to invest in your career success. Get your LinkedIn makeover today.

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