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The CV That Changed My Life

There was a time I was desperately job hunting just before the end of my Master’s degree, my goal was to have a job waiting for me to resume to after I dropped my dissertation. I started sending out my CV to everywhere and anywhere possible and for every role.

I printed weekly out 20 copies of my CV and walked into offices and dropped them with the Manager, I signed up on over 15 job boards and was getting daily job updates, I was applying everywhere like a crazy person because I had a goal. I didn’t want to sit at home after my degree and neither did I want to ask my guardian for money to take care of myself after I finished- I wanted that independence!

So I went on an application spree, my degree was in IT but I was even applying to non-IT jobs and with the same CV!

No one called me or even replied to my applications for over 2 months, I was frustrated plus my dissertation was becoming more difficult, my supervisor wanted me to add more features to the platform I was building so to also learn how to code PHP and HTML 5 plus some other new languages plus I had a 12,000 word paper to turn in as well.

I was frustrated and overpressured to meet my deadline for my masters, to land a job- even if it was an interview. I was not even eating well anymore and often and would sit at the library all day writing, coding, applying, some times I would open with them at the library and close really late with them all in the bid to achieve my goals. It was a very trying time in my life, one I can never forget easily. 

Then one day something changed I came across an advertisement online about a CV Revamp and I signed up, I paid £99 to have my CV written because I wanted results. In less than 5 days my new CV was written and I started sending it out again but I decided to change my approach a bit. I applied to only IT and Operations roles that matched my skill set, then one day I got an interview for a job at a charity, I jumped! screamed and started calling all my family members!! I was so happy because I got a result of paying £99 to rewrite my CV and I was a step closer to my goal of getting a job.

I went for the interview, I got the job and even started working there from June 2013 until I graduated from my master’s degree in Jan 2014, I worked there for close to a year and it was an amazing experience.

I don’t know what stage you are right now in your life, but I want you to get results, I want you to scream, jump and shout when you get that interview invite to that job you really want after I have revamped your CV for you today.

Send me a message on hello@careerswithfunmi.comto get a winning CV today.

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