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Using social media to fast track your job search process is definitely the way to go in this 21st century where everything is digitalized and assisted with the help of technology.

Personally, I have landed two jobs with the help of social media, where different scenarios could apply to everyone, one thing that remains constant is having an online presence that speaks volume of what you do and what you are looking for.

In this article, I would be sharing with you 15 practical ways you can land your dream job online just I have several times done so too.

1.    Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional network which connects people with opportunities globally. Personally, I have landed two jobs on Linkedin as a result of an optimized profile using keywords recruiters’ looks at for on your profile.

Linkedin also has a jobs section you must explore daily and can apply directly for jobs using your profile. The good thing about the direct application is that it saves you loads of time spent filling out an application. With EasyApply function, your profile and CV (if you attach it) is sent directly to the recruiter and they can view your profile and shortlist you for a chat if you meet the requirements.

2.    WhatsApp Groups

I once got a role as a Project Manager which I worked in for like a year via a broadcast which was posted in a WhatsApp I was a member of. The role was advertised and I applied for it, got called for the interview and got the job.

As a member of any group, you should pay attention to messages in the group daily so you don’t miss out of opportunities shared.

I know some group messages can be overwhelming but the trick is so to schedule a few minutes a day (either during lunch or before bedtime) to catch up on the messages and respond to any that applies to you.

3.    Online Volunteering

Volunteering is a great and inexpensive way to gain new skills, network and land a job. I have gained tons of skills such as management, writing and even public speaking via volunteering.

Essentially, every role you take part in should help you either sharpen or develop a skill which increases your chances of being employable.

Also, several Volunteers end up being offered full-time roles at organizations they volunteered with due to their hard work and competency displayed while volunteering.

A site to gain these skills online is the UN Online volunteering platform.

4.    Google Jobs

       With a free Gmail account, you can set up job updates for the role you want. These job updates come into your inbox daily straight from Google. This makes it easier for you to apply for a job you want.

5.    Facebook jobs

Just like Linkedin Job, Facebook has a section for jobs applications which makes it easier to find and apply for jobs you want. It also makes it easier for recruiters to view your profile alongside your application for the job.

6.    Twitter

With the millions of tweets, retweets and likes your next job could just be on Twitter as many companies are now social with their job vacancies and post on Twitter to get as many candidates as possible to apply for the role. So ensure you are following your dream company on Twitter as their next tweet could just be your dream job!

7.    University website

       Here is one place where opportunities are always available, as a former student of an institution, your Alma mater is always happy to have you back as a staff or consultant. So it’s very important to keep your eyes on the career page of your university’s website for a role that suits your skillset and experiences.

8.    Job boards

Job boards such as Jobberman, Glassdoor, Monster jobs and the likes are always filled with job postings. The fastest way to use these sites is to do a smart search based on the role, industry and country you are looking to apply to.

With a smart search, you get tailored results and also save loads of time which can be used in applying.

9.    Your dream Company’s career page

Be it Shell, Dangote or KPMG majority of the companies you want to work in have a career section on their website where they post details of job openings and encourage you to apply. They also share details of their work culture which educates you on the kind of candidate they are looking for. Your job is to visit their frequently to see roles advertised and also sign up for their newsletters to keep updated with what’s going on in the company.

In addition to these nine tips, it’s important to also have a clean social media presence which is void of any content which may misrepresent your brand as an employee as many companies now carry our social media checks on talents they want to recruit.

10. Forums

Online forums are one of the best places to find jobs and opportunities posted by recruiters and companies. Although, mostly small businesses post their opportunities on forums as it allows them a wider reach to talents they can recruit. Forums such as Nairaland allow forum users to post their job opportunities, forums also allow you to ask more questions about the job opportunity which you normally won’t be able to do on a job board.

In getting a job online, it’s always important to do your due diligence about the company by carrying out Google searches on the company and looking for employees who work there on Linkedin. Also, if you are unsure if the job you applied for is real or legitimate you can always ask a friend if they have head about the company, or do some digging about the company on – while looking out for reviews from both past and current employee.

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